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Appartement Iglsberg, Saalbach - Reviews


Period 4 till 8 september 2019. Fam. Holm
Thank you for renting your great apartment to us. We will differently be back next year, so we will let you know as soon as we have the date for the Worldgames 2020 πŸ˜€ Sincerely Kenneth and the Team Skovlyst MTB
Period 19 till 28 augustus 2019. Fam. Chontow
Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had in Austria. The apartment was lovely and comfortable and we all enjoyed our stay.
Thank you for being so helpful. Best wishes Family Chontow.

Period 28 till 31 juli 2019. ***** 5 out of 5. Fam. Azizian.
Clean and spacious apartment - good comunication with owner/manager
Owners always answered my emails immediately. Very clean apartment. Private parking space in front of building. Washer/dryer in the apartment was very useful. Beautiful view from apartment. Nice large balcony. Overall, a very pleasant stay.


It was a fantastic week. We enjoyed both the Saalbach area and your wonderful apartment. Really nice, new and with lot of space. Thanks. Best regards John Sinnbeck.


We had a lovely time in Saalbach, and thanks for letting us stay in your apartment!  :-) Regards, Ali


Dear Leona, we really enjoyed our stay and the appartment was excellent. Kind Regards, Jussi Luukko